Yajaira Appeldorff


Yajaira joined Callea Pearce after leaving a lasting impression on us during a short term traineeship with the firm in 2016.

Yajaira works with the business law team and has a passion for ensuring our business clients are receiving a complete advisory service. She is able to apply her estate planning skills to all of our business clients ensuring their long-term goals are achievable.

Her practice in estate disputes and litigation has shown her the dark side of an unmanaged estate plan; and she will warn anyone if you give her the chance.

Her experience has allowed her to apply her skill set in both areas of Business and Estate law which has naturally allowed Yajaira to create a ‘hybrid’ role between the two areas of law.

Yajaira prefers a proactive and innovative approach to her work and is always happy to suggest a few tips to avoid seeing your family facing an ugly estate dispute!

She loves playing competitive soccer for a local soccer club and can always be heard supporting the teams from the sidelines. Yajaira loves a game of AFL and has high (and somewhat misguided) aspirations of cheering on the mighty Dons all the way to the Premiership in 2019.