Callea Pearce has been providing legal services with compassion and excellence for over 120 years.  

Our dedicated team of Wills and Estates lawyers can assist you with multiple & complex matters such as:


Making a Will

We understand the importance of family and relationships. We’ll assist you in creating a Will as you desire, keeping in mind your & your family’s best interest. We would ensure that your loved ones are provided for without any ambiguities.

Power of Attorney

There are different types of Power of Attorney and the team at Callea Pearce Lawyers can advise you on the most appropriate one, depending on your situation. You can discuss all the terms with us to create the legal document. This way your Attorney can make crucial decisions for you when you are not available or able to.

Probate & Letters of Administration

To obtain a Grant of Probate, the Executor named in the Will must apply to the Probate Office of the Supreme Court. We guide your loved ones in estate matters quickly and efficiently by assisting the executor of the Will.

Estate Litigation / Will Disputes

At times people do feel that they have been unfairly provided for. Deciding to contest a Will can be difficult and Callea Pearce Lawyers will support and advise you empathetically. In certain circumstances, the law can intervene despite having been left out of the Will.

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