Property Law & Conveyancing

Whether you’re buying or selling a small flat, house or large commercial property, gaining the right legal advise prior to signing on the dotted line is essential.

Property Law

Whether you’re buying or selling a small flat, house or large commercial property, gaining the right legal advice prior to signing on the dotted line is essential. That’s where Callea Pearce Lawyers can help! We know that you expect comprehensive legal advice in a cost-effective and timely manner. Working with you, our Conveyancing and Property Law team will provide expert advice and implement progressive property strategies tailored to your individual situation to ensure positive Conveyancing and Property Law solutions.

The advice needn’t stop there, as we can assist with taxation-related matters and business structuring. If you are purchasing an investment property, should you purchase your investment in your name, your spouse or partner’s name, a company, family trust or unit trust? Callea Pearce Lawyers can assist you in ensuring you purchase your investment property in the correct entity from both a tax effective perspective and asset protection perspective.

We provide advice on a wide range of Conveyancing and Property Law matters including

  • Buying/Selling property
  • Contract Review
  • Buying off the Plan
  • Caveats
  • Building contracts
  • Building disputes
  • Subdivision / Property Development
  • Town Planning 

Buying a house? Buying an investment property? Buying a unit or apartment? Selling your home? Talk to the team at Callea Pearce Lawyers.

Buying/Selling Property

Our friendly Conveyancing and Property Team will work with you to  give you the best possible experience, we understand Buying or Selling a property can be a stressful time.  We will help you by, preparing all documents to have the property transferred into your name, review or prepare Contracts and Section 32 documents, check the property and Certificate of title for easements, convents, caveats, adjust rates and outgoings at settlement, update you on all matters along the way our friendly team will take the stress away. 

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Contract Review

If you are buying a property, the first step is to have your contract reviewed. A review of the legal documents is crucial to protect your rights as a buyer, giving you the confidence and peace of mind throughout your important transaction.

Buying off the Plan

Buying off the Plan means when you have brought a property from a developer by only looking at the plan.  Our wonderful Conveyancing and Property team will review your off the plan contract (which at times came be extremely large), we will explain the contract in normal non legal language, we will work closely with your broker or banker, prepare necessary transfer documents,  check the property and Certificate of title for easements, convents, caveats, adjust rates and outgoings and settlement, update you on all matters along the way   Click here for an instant Conveyancing Quote.


At Callea Pearce Lawyers our Conveyancing and Property Team can help you when Caveats need to be put on a property or advise to have one removed of your property.   

A Caveat is a something that is lodged on your Certificate of Title which shows someone has a legal interest on the property.  There are many reasons for a Caveat to be on a property which includes but not limited to

  • An estate for life
  • A Leasehold estate
  • Interest as a charge
  • Interest as a lessee (tenant)
  • An interest under an option to purchase

Contact our Team for further information and advice on Caveats. 

Building Contracts/Building Disputes

Building Contracts are a complex document, even in the standard form, whether the contract is for a new home or a renovation our property Team at Callea Pearce can provide advice and explain your rights and responsibilities under the building contract. There are often parts in a Building contract that can cost a lot of money and time if it’s not thought through and addressed at the start.  We will take you through the terms of your building contract before you sign it, we can help with amendments if required and negotiate special conditions with your builder if needed.

We can also provide assistance if a Building Dispute arises, whilst unpleasant and time consuming our Property Team are here to help.  We will discuss

While disputes are usually unpleasant and time consuming, we can assist with negotiations.  Our Property Team can help with all aspects of the dispute and whilst we always try to resolve the matter without providing to court, we can asset in representations in all Victorian Courts and VCAT.

Subdividing / property development 

We understand a Subdivision can be a big process and can appear super daunting but with our team holding your hand along the way, you will feel at ease and excited for your new venture! Whether it be a 2 block subdivision or 2,000 let us take care of all the stress for you! We will always be a phone call or email away! We love working with people to achieve their future goals and dreams!

Town Planning

For many people, a property development is the largest investment they make over their lifetime. Our team at Callea Pearce Lawyers appreciates the importance of your investment and will utilise our expertise to ensure your investment is protected and realises its full potential.

Most property developments require planning approval, which is often a complex and lengthy process. Don’t despair! The Town Planning Lawyers at Callea Pearce Lawyers will draw upon their vast town planning and property development experience to assist in making the process of obtaining planning approval for your development as hassle free as possible.

Callea Pearce Lawyers provides a full range of town planning services from the initial application stage through to completion, along with complex appeals if required. Our friendly and personal approach will ensure that you are empowered throughout the entire process.

Our planning expertise includes:

•  applications for Planning Permits relating to:

•  commercial, retail, mixed-use and residential developments

•  licensed or proposed licensed premises

•  subdivision of land and related issues

•  extension of existing dwellings

•  changes of use permits

•  crown land issues

•  heritage overlays

•  easements

•  removal or creation of restrictive covenants

•  proceedings taken by Municipal Councils against owners or occupiers of property

•  advertising signs

•  litigation and disputes including legal proceedings in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

Callea Pearce provide Town Planning services at each of our offices, located in Melton, Werribee and Richmond. Please CONTACT US with any enquiries you may have regarding Town Planning or any other areas of law we can assist with and we will get in touch promptly.

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