Criminal Law

Fighting to get you the best result

The ramifications of Criminal Law proceedings can be gravely serious, so it is important to have a supportive and experienced legal team behind you. At Callea Pearce Lawyers, we are here to help you achieve the most positive solution for your unique Criminal Law situation. Our years of experience in Criminal Law will enable us to fight for your rights to achieve the best result possible.

Our team of Criminal Lawyers at Melton and Werribee are experienced in many aspects of Criminal Law including:

Driving offences:
•  Driving whilst disqualified/suspended
•  Dangerous driving/reckless driving/hooning
•  Drink/drug driving
•  Speeding
•  Car accidents

Criminal Offences
•  Domestic violence
•  Assault
•  Sexual assault
•  Drug trafficking and possession
•  Fraud
•  Young offenders
•  Theft
•  Firearms possession

Court representation

Callea Pearce provide Criminal Law services at each of our offices, located in Melton and Werribee. Please CONTACT US with any enquiries you may have regarding Criminal Law or any other areas of law we can assist with and we will get in touch promptly.