Business Law & Commercial Law

Your Partners in Business

Callea Pearce Lawyers is unique, and we know that your business is unique too! In order to provide you with practical advice, we work collaboratively with you to understand your individual business needs. As a team we’ll formulate and implement targeted progressive strategies to achieve positive solutions for your business.

Behind every successful business is a team of astute business people. Our Business Law and Commercial Law team is made up of Business Lawyers that are experienced and successful business people in their own rights. Our Business Law team have owned and run businesses in Melton, Werribee and Richmond. Our Business Lawyers have firsthand knowledge of the local economies and issues. Callea Pearce Lawyers are well equipped to provide powerful and insightful business advice that is personal and straightforward without all the legal jargon.

The success of your business is our goal and we will be there every step of the way.

We know that you’ve worked hard to build up your business and your asset base. We live in an increasingly litigious society with certain professionals and businesses more susceptible than ever to litigation. The team at Callea Pearce Lawyers can help ensure that your business and assets are adequately protected by thoroughly planning your asset protection strategy and setting up appropriate structures. In addition to providing protection, our Business Lawyers – together with your accountant or financial advisor – will formulate strategies that best suit your needs with regards to Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax and Capital Gains Tax whilst placing you in a position to pass your prized business and assets down to the next generation without hassles.

Do you need assistance setting up a trust, be it a family trust or otherwise? Fine-tuning a lease? Looking at entering franchising? Need assistance with a business registration or to register a company? Getting the right initial advice can save you from costly and time-consuming issues in the future. At Callea Pearce Lawyers we pride ourselves on providing accurate and practical advice so that you can avoid headaches down the track.

Our Business Law and Commercial Law team can advise you on a wide range of commercial matters, including:

•  General commercial and business advise

•  Buying a business

•  Selling a business

•  Business registration

•  Setting up a company – Company registration

•  Leasing – Commercial lease, Retail Lease, Commercial Property Lease

•  Trusts – Family Trust, Discretionary Trust, Unit Trust

•  Drafting terms and conditions of trade

•  Sale of commercial property

•  Liquor licensing

•  Intellectual property and Trademarks

•  Contract Law – Drafting and negotiation of a wide range of contracts

•  Buying a franchise

•  Selling a franchise

•  Setting up a new franchise business

•  Commercial litigation & dispute resolution

•  Asset Protection / Business Protection

Callea Pearce Lawyers provide Business Law and Commercial Law services at each of our offices, located in Melton, Werribee and Richmond. Please CONTACT US with any enquiries you may have regarding Business Law and Commercial Law or any other areas of law we can assist with and we will get in touch promptly.