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Selling a property

Thank you for your inquiry!  Our friendly Conveyancing and property team will work together with you to give you the best experience possible!

Our Conveyancing Fees $1250.00

Inclusive of all fees and disbursements.

What is included?

Our quote includes all the legal steps in a standard Conveyancing transaction, we will complete all necessary documents, and perform all matters required.  When you accept our quote, we will send you our detailed scope of work for you to accept.

Conveyancing is all about the documents and corresponding with your bank, agents, brokers and settlement agents we will do this all on your behalf and only involve you when it is required, some of the other important things we take care of with a straight forward sale are,

  • Prepare all documentation to have the property sold
  • Advise you on and draft the Contract and Section 32 Statement
  • Check your property and title documents for easements, covenants, caveats
  • Adjust rates and outgoings at settlement
  • Prepare your financial settlement
  • Work closely with your Real Estate Agent, Banker or Broker
  • Update you on all matters along the way
  • Be on hand for whatever you need

While we have a fantastic completive price, we will never compromise on your service, our experience team will be working as hard as possible to get you an on time settlement, and don’t worry if things go a little pear shape we have our professional team of lawyers to lend a hand.

Why choose us?

  • We have a large Conveyancing Team
  • We have lawyers on hand for any of your legal matters
  • We are experienced PEXA users
  • We do not take shortcuts, we undertake necessary searches to check for unpaid bills, caveats and other concerning property details from parties such as Water and Council Authorities are dealt with prior to settlement
  • Our Conveyancing can be done 100% online, therefor there is no reason to come into the office.


What are disbursements?  

Disbursements are out of pocket expenses for a Conveyancing transaction they are search fees from places such as Titles Office, Council and Water Authorities.  We do not make any money on searches, you are only charges what we are charged directly from the authorities.

What isn’t included

Our quote to you is based on a simple, straight forward Conveyancing transaction, In the event that additional work is required we will advise you of a change in our costs either at our contract review or as the matter proceeds


We would love to act for you

We understand that this is a huge step in your life and can appear super daunting but with our team holding your hand along the way, you will feel at ease and excited for your new venture! Let us take care of all the stress for you! Chat now with us! We love working with people to achieve their future goals and dreams!

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